Designs that Matter is a result of love of the arts, the passion for families’ celebrations, and the need to treasure and preserve the milestone events that tell the story of our lives.

Yael Zoldan is an exceptionally talented and supremely devoted artist/designer who founded Designs that Matter over 10 years ago.  Yael has an incredibly discerning eye for details and a great passion for her work.  With a professional degree in fine art and graphic design Yael brings many years of  experience to express her design ideas and unique style.

Yael’s creations are each uniquely handcrafted and reflect a collaborative work with each client.  Yael believes that every celebration should have a unique and a memorable expression.

Yael’s guiding philosophy is that each project is an opportunity to celebrate the creative arts to their fullest.  Yael really loves what she does, and takes great pride in her work.  Her goal is to make you feel the same way about your event.